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Specializing in Newborn and Children’s Photography, I offer a wide variety of services. If you are looking to inquire about my style of photography, the phrase “candid close-ups” sizes me up quite well! While I am happy to provide the traditional, posed photos that everyone expects to see, I really reach for the unexpected, candid shots. I have found that the best pictures are the ones your little ones don't even know I'm taking! I'm looking to capture that expression you know best and want to remember forever -- the expression that really shows the personality of your child and each family member.


Most of my Full Photography Sessions, whatever the specialty, include three digital images of your choice from your session. Digital images are usually highly sought after and are rarely given away, so that's my BIG something special that I offer my customers. My goal is more than just offering great pictures: It's to make professional photography affordable so that families grow with me and continue to come back year after year. For those of you who have young children, I want you to come back even more often than that!


Newborn Photography: I LOVE, LOVE Newborn Photography and can't get enough of it! Newborns are so squishy, sweet, and bendable . . . best of all, everyone LOVES their wrinkles and no one ever asks me to airbrush them out! My style includes creative props and posing, and I promise you anything but the average baby photo. My newborn session fee also includes a few pictures with the siblings and mom and dad. I like the newbies brought in early; one- to two-weeks old is ideal.


Since I specialize in newborns, I go a little above and beyond to ensure your experience with me exceeds all expectations. My studio is very "newborn" friendly, with a glider and ottoman for mom to relax in and a changing table to keep you and baby comfortable during prop and routine changes. I offer a HUGE selection of newborn props to work with, and they are guaranteed to overwhelm you with cuddly cuteness! My studio is temperature-controlled to keep baby cozy and sleepy.


My Newborn Sessions are designed to allow me to work with your family for years to come. From maternity portraits to newborn photos to sessions chronicling baby’s first year of life, I can create custom packages that fit your photographic vision. In addition, my packages are the perfect gift for new parents seeking to capture all of baby’s early milestones.


Family Photography speaks for itself. Most families seek that “perfect” family picture that comes along once every blue moon. Although I can't guarantee the moon will be blue that day, I will try my hardest to achieve it – that's my photographer's promise. When photographing a family, my goal is a great selection of photos that represent everyone in the group individually, along with various combinations of family members. My goal is to capture a moment in time that freeze-frames your family now, creating a memory you will cherish.


High School Seniors: High School Senior photography is a growing niche for me. I like working with this age group because they are coming into their own, becoming unique individuals and seeking a look that represents how they see themselves. I'd love to work with your Senior to capture the photos that will come to define these important years of their life!



Gift Certificates: I’m a big fan and think they make great gifts. I’ve never met anyone who wasn't ecstatic to receive a photo session gift certificate – especially new moms and moms-to-be! Gift certificates make great presents and serve as excellent motivation for people to finally go and update those picture frames!


I also welcome out-of-town visitors and the opportunity to take family photos and capture those beautiful San Diego vacation memories.