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About Me

There is something so rewarding about capturing the moments we want to remember forever, freezing time and holding lasting memories in our hands.

A child when he's sleeping with the most innocent, precious face that you want to permanently store in your head forever. That look on a toddler's face when she’s screaming her head off and can't even remember why. My personal favorite is the silly face my son makes when you ask him to smile . . . and the smile just keeps getting WORSE! How about that simple stare where someone is lost in thought, but their face seems so peaceful and beautiful? A couple so in love that when you see them together it takes your breath away. A family that can't stop laughing because someone tooted in the middle of taking the picture . . .

As a mom, I love these candid shots and look back at them year after year. As a photographer I love capturing these special memories for others – the ones where every hair isn’t perfectly in place and every smile isn’t frozen in perfection -- just casually candid.

Other than that, I love the weather sunny and 78 degrees, I love cheese pizza and refried beans, and I can't get enough color in my life! I am so thankful for all of the support from my husband and amazing family!

I love what I do and I hope you love it too!